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Link2School is a comprehensive, modular, web based learning and knowledge management system developed for educational and academic institutions by White House Business Solutions P Ltd. It simplifies complexities of today's cumbersome learning and knowledge management systems and provides a simple, easy to use, and maintain environment while providing an enhanced online academic experience to all of its users. It offers a fully hosted Learning Solution to scale with the needs of the organization and a traditional off-the-shelf software option, which is highly scalable in modules, features and user license/ capacity.

Link2School's innovative modular system automates and integrates schools' diverse management of its resources and operations such as Course / staff scheduling, manage student / staff information, fee processing, exam schedule / planning and library usage.

It’s integrated structure, modules helps avoid redundancy of data and duplication of work, thus resulting in efficient use of time, resources and cost.

Link2school provides a granular controlled information to students, teachers, parents and administrators. The system allows all users to securely access what they need, when they need and provide easy access to the information.

Built after a thorough research in educational institutions, Link2School is a package of various management systems. To serve our customer needs and for their budget range, we also offer the following core management systems as separate packages:

Additional Modules offered as Optional:

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